The idea for My Wisconsin Backyard came about during the first days of working at home during the coronavirus pandemic.  Being media we are considered essential workers and all felt the need to shoot outdoor stories that would bring the positive sights and sounds to you during the Safer at Home order. 

As we continued to navigate through the uncertain times we felt compelled to start a regular series that would provide a sense of happiness and encouragement and also include new information about the importance of getting outside. 

We talk to medical professionals who share the value of safely cultivating outdoor passions as well as local people who reveal their secrets of finding joy in their own backyard. 

Through aerial views we’ll give you new ideas of places to go around the state.  It is our hope that through this series everyone will benefit from being outside in Wisconsin as much as we do.

Sailing Season

Milwaukee Community Sailing Center had to delay their opening and add new safety precautions however members say that being back on the water still gives them the same sense of serenity.

Sailing Season in Milwaukee Opens after a short delay

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