My Wisconsin Backyard will give you the opportunity to discover all of the amazing outdoor activities and some delicious recipes from right here in Wisconsin.

Peace Tree

A new peace tree has taken root in Milwaukee. We took our cameras to the planting ceremony to find out more about the history of this tradition and how it symbolizes new unity together.

Peace tree planting focuses on a legend that is a 600 years old Iroquois Confederacy of the Northeastern part of our country.

The Meetup

There are different types meetup groups for people throughout the state however we found one just for french bulldogs.

The one-of-a-kind French Bulldog, with his large bat ears and even disposition, is one of the world’s most popular small-dog breeds, especially among city dwellers. The Frenchie is playful, alert, adaptable, and completely irresistible. You can find more on their Instagram page – @milwaukeefrenchies

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