My Wisconsin Backyard will give you the opportunity to discover all of the amazing outdoor activities and some delicious recipes from right here in Wisconsin.

Dredge No. 6

In part two of our underwater series, we introduce you to one of the only survivors of the Dredge No. 6 shipwreck. To see a more in-depth interview please visit : https://youtu.be/m7e1dhGCg0Q

Shipwreck Survivor Jerry Lesch shares his memories of the day the Dredge went down.

Prins Willem V

My Wisconsin Backyard takes you underwater to visit one of the most popular shipwrecks in Lake Michigan. To dive deeper into this wreck please visit : http://www.facebook.com/MilwaukeePBS/videos/828789284662099

A diver explores the wreckage of the Prins Willem V. It sank in Lake Michigan October 14, 1954

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